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Thread: DE0_nano using RS232 and hyperterminal

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    Default DE0_nano using RS232 and hyperterminal


    Does anyone knows how i can interface my fpga de0-nano board with a dekstop pc and send data from the g-sensor to hyper terminal through rs232 ?

    please if somebody knows how to do me !!!!!

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    Default Re: DE0_nano using RS232 and hyperterminal

    There are no RS232 drivers on the DE0-nano. However, you can order cables from Digikey that contain FTDI FT2232 USB-to-Serial converters. These converters use logic level outputs, not RS232, so you can plug them directly on the 100mil headers on the DE0-nano.

    C232HD, 1.8m, 3.3V logic levels:

    C232HM, 0.5m, 3.3V logic levels:

    These are virtually identical cables; the difference is the length.

    Alternatively, you can use the USB-Blaster as a communications interface:


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