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Thread: Problem with the FFT MegaCore

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    Default Problem with the FFT MegaCore

    Hi All,

    I am trying to run SignalCompiler block VIA C code (i.e- not manually, VIA my own application).

    When I run it and use "Normal" blocks everything works fine. However, when I run it with the FFT IP core I'm having problems.

    When I try to run SignalCompiler block manually the following situations occur:

    1) When I manually run SignalCompiler without generating the FFT files first (using the IP Testbench)- I see that the HDL files are not generated correctly. The files are created in the same way as when I run the SignalCompiler from my C code.

    2) When I manuuly run SignalCompiler after generating the FFt files- I see that everything is generated correctly.

    This leads me to the conclusion that I don't call the SignalCompiler block in a correct way, when using the FFT IP core (or any other core, for that matter).

    Can anyone here tell me how to call the SignalCompiler block from C code when there is an IP CORE in the design?



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    Default Re: Problem with the FFT MegaCore

    hi,can u just mail me the mdl to me on dileepkumararava(at d rate)gmail(.)com...iam hardly trying to get the fft output

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