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Thread: books on altera FPGA

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    Default books on altera FPGA


    i recently graduated from electrical engineering.

    i am very much new to altera and VHDL.

    i bought the DE2 board, read its tutorials and watched some of the on-line tutorials.

    i was wondering if one might suggest a book specific for altera. one with practicle examples that both teach on good VHDL programming and good design techniques. the ideal book will be up-to-date, with examples i can implement and modify by my self and theory that is buckedup by practicle examples.

    if such a book is not available then two or even three books will also be good.

    my main goal is to work in the field.

    Thanks and Regards, Ran.

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    Default Re: books on altera FPGA

    Hi, have a look in There are numerous pdf files and some design guidelines.
    VHDL is very delicate and not obvious. You may get some course before : flip-flop, Finite state Machine.... you may have.
    Keep in mind that VHDL describe logic behaviour, it's not a program.
    A 'introduction to VHDL" would be appreciated.

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