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Thread: cycloneii_asmiblock not found

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    Default cycloneii_asmiblock not found

    I'm using a Cyclone 3 FPGA (small one). I used the MegaWizard to create the ALTASMI_PARALLEL component. I want to use this so I can program the EPCS4 serial memory from my external CPU.
    I need to simulate my logic that is used to write data in and out to the ASMI block. The logic synthesizes correctly, but when I send it out to Modelsim to see how it works I get the following error:

    ** Error: (vsim-3033) C:/altera_designs/fpga_factory_config/asmi.v(330): Instantiation of 'cycloneii_asmiblock' failed. The design unit was not found.

    So what is missing? Where can I find cycloneii_asmiblock?

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    Default Re: cycloneii_asmiblock not found

    I see where the cycloneii_asmiblock is in the libraries. Now all I need to figure out is how to use Nativelink to tell it to use that library.
    I see the -L cycloneiii_ver reference in the file in my design. But it keeps getting overwritten by Quartus all the time. I tried putting the library reference into the Settings for Libraries and Simulation > Nativelink Settings, but nothing seems to work.

    Anyone have experience with using a library that is outside of your design (and not one of the defaults it uses)?

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    Default Re: cycloneii_asmiblock not found

    I am not fully aware of how you have set this up. I use a stand alone version of modelsim. I have to compile all the libs into modelsim to get my simulations working. This involves compiling all the quartus eda libs into modelsim. I have attached a script that I found on the altera website. You just need to change the file extension to .tcl and run it from within modelsim when you have your project open. You run it from 'tools' > TCL >execute macro.

    You also need to edit the tcl file to set the path to where your quartus version lives. I think its on the first or second line of the file

    When you simulate your design ' start simulation', go to the 'others' tab and type in the 'other vsim option' box

    -L cycloneii

    This is how I would do it

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