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Thread: Filling in cyg_flash_devtab[] array

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daixiwen View Post
    Are you sure this is the right platform? Did you install the Nios2eCos package and did you select the Nios2 platform?
    I must check it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daixiwen View Post
    As for the link process, when using the eCos HAL tables it is important that the driver code is linked with the kernel in the main archive. If it is linked later (with the application, for example) without the -Wl,--whole-archive option, then gcc can strip some symbols that seem unused and will remove your structure from the table. But as long as your driver's cdl file is correctly read by the eCos build system, the driver should be linked with the kernel so this is a problem you aren't supposed to see.
    Yes, the problem was in the absence of "whole-archive" option although I linked my driver with the kernel. I believe my predecessor had his reasons to avoid that option; so, I just included empty global function in my driver and called it during booting. No, that is not nice but it may be ok for a while.
    Now, as my driver is linked, I have faced new problem with FIS.
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    Default Re: Filling in cyg_flash_devtab[] array

    It's just that this is an Altera forum, and the eCos section here is more specifically about the Nios II port of eCos. If you are using a PowerPC board you'll probably have more luck on a more generic eCos forum or mailing list, or maybe on a PowerPC forum.
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