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Thread: uCOS-II task profiler

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    Question uCOS-II task profiler

    I am currently using uCOS-II as the operating system in my Nios with the Altera provided Eclipse based development environment. I was wondering if there are any tools provided by Altera, plugins for Eclipse, or any 3rd party tools that can be integrated into this environment for profiling the OS tasks (i.e. which task is running when, why do tasks switch, what resources are they block on, etc)

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    Default Re: uCOS-II task profiler

    Contact the OS vendor,, to see what they have for you.

    There isn't anything integrated into the Altera environment, although all the information is readily available and you can do some sophisticated things with the performance counters, SignalTap, PIO's and timers that you can't so easily do in other environments.

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