Problem to activate Simple Server Socket example on Altera evaluation board

We have Altera Aria 10 evaluation board DK-DEC-10AX115S-A (the card) .
Our goal is to activate Ethernet on the board. We took as a basis the Triple Speed Internet Project Template on the Eclipse IDE. We did all preparations as in the HW, as well in the SW, but we cannot succeeded to connect to the card through TCP/IP.

1. HW configuration

We defined Nios II and IP on the Altera. See cut from system.htm file.
jtag_uart_0 0x40102CE8 - 0x40102CEF 8 printable
sysid_qsys_0 0x40102CE0 - 0x40102CE7 8
timer_0 0x40102CC0 - 0x40102CDF 32 timer
pio_0 0x40102CA0 - 0x40102CBF 32
spi_0 0x40102C80 - 0x40102C9F 32
sgdma_tx 0x40102C40 - 0x40102C7F 64
sgdma_rx 0x40102C00 - 0x40102C3F 64
eth_tse_0 0x40102800 - 0x40102BFF 1024
mm_bridge_0 0x40102400 - 0x401027FF 1024
mm_bridge_2 0x40102000 - 0x401023FF 1024
descriptor_memory 0x40100000 - 0x40100FFF 4096 memory
onchip_memory2_0 0x40080000 - 0x400FFFFE 524287 memory
mm_bridge_1 0x00000000 - 0x3FFFFFFF 1073741824

BSP configuration.

We has changed the BSP configuration as the following:
enable_dhcp_client is unchecked. We disabled the DHCP package according with "Using the NicheStack TCP/IP Stack - Nios II Edition" document, page 1-9 (13), see the quote below.
"If a DHCP server is available on your network, turn on enable_dhcp_client. If no
DHCP server is available, turn off enable_dhcp_client and specify your IP
addresses, gateway, and network mask in

Also the simple_socket_server.h file has changed as the following (static IP address):
#define IPADDR0 10//0
#define IPADDR1 0 //0
#define IPADDR2 0 //0
#define IPADDR3 1 //0

#define GWADDR0 10//0
#define GWADDR1 10//0
#define GWADDR2 1 //0
#define GWADDR3 1 //0

#define MSKADDR0 255
#define MSKADDR1 255
#define MSKADDR2 255
#define MSKADDR3 0

2. Successful download HW and SW to the card

After successful compilation and download HW and SW components the card did restart and printed the following on NiosII console.

InterNiche Portable TCP/IP, v3.1

Copyright 1996-2008 by InterNiche Technologies. All rights reserved.
prep_tse_mac 0

Can't read the MAC address from your board. We will assign you
a MAC address.

Your Ethernet MAC address is 00:07:ed:ff:ad:4e
Static IP Address is
prepped 1 interface, initializing...
INFO : TSE MAC 0 found at address 0x40102800
INFO : PHY Marvell 88E1111 found at PHY address 0x00 of MAC Group[0]
INFO : PHY[0.0] - Automatically mapped to tse_mac_device[0]
INFO : PHY[0.0] - Restart Auto-Negotiation, checking PHY link...
INFO : PHY[0.0] - Auto-Negotiation PASSED
INFO : PCS[0.0] - Configuring PCS operating mode
INFO : PCS[0.0] - PCS SGMII mode enabled
INFO : PHY[0.0] - Checking link...
INFO : PHY[0.0] - Link established
INFO : PHY[0.0] - Speed = 100, Duplex = Full
OK, x=0, CMD_CONFIG=0x00000000

MAC post-initialization: CMD_CONFIG=0x04000203
[tse_sgdma_read_init] RX descriptor chain desc (1 depth) created
mctest init called
IP address of et1 :
Created "Inet main" task (Prio: 2)
Created "clock tick" task (Prio: 3)

Simple Socket Server starting up
[sss_task] Simple Socket Server listening on port 30
Created "simple socket server" task (Prio: 4)

These messages above indicate that components are successfully started.

3. Test of Simple Socket Server failed

As described in the mentioned above "Using the NicheStack TCP/IP Stack - Nios II Edition" document on page 17 (see the quote below), I run the "telnet 30" session in my PC's cmd window. But the try failed.

"After the NicheStack TCP/IP Stack is ready, you can start a telnet session to interact
with the stack. To start a telnet session, follow these steps:
1. From your operating system, open a command shell.
On Windows, you can also use Run on the Start menu.
2. Type the following command, specifying either the static IP address or the DHCP
server-provided IP address:
telnet <IP address> 30

If the connection to port 30 on the development board is successful, the menu of
available commands displays in a command window."

See below a copied text from my PC's CMD window:

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Users\yakov.e>telnet 30
Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 30: Connect failed


Please help to find the problem