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Thread: sopc-create-header-files : command not found ?

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    Default sopc-create-header-files : command not found ?


    iam an beginner in fpga soc....

    i try the tutorial "my_first_hps_fpga.pdf" ....

    so i have an problem to generate header files about embedded command shell...
    if i want to execute the bash-file ./
    sopc-create-header-files \
    "./hps_fpga.sopcinfo" \
    --single hps_0.h \
    --module hps_0

    i get this message..
    ./ Line 3: sopc-create-header-files: Commando not found...

    i hope somebody can help ... thx..
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    Default Re: sopc-create-header-files : command not found ?

    I have the same error.. I'm trying to create the "sopc-create-header-files" with the sopc builder but my efforts have been unsuccessfully. If you have another clue how we can fix it, please tell me... thx..

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    Default Re: sopc-create-header-files : command not found ?

    Using 16.1 on Windows 10 I was able to run that command using both the SoC and Nios II command prompts. That command is part of Quartus install and you can find the path here: <Quartus install directory>/quartus/sopc_builder/bin/sopc-create-header-files

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