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    I am working on an old setup that uses EPM9480RC208 . The board contains three such devices connected in a chain for programming via JTAG. I have managed to setup the max plus 2 software and am using the Byteblaster MV cable. I just have to load old POF files in each of them to set it in the test mode. I have configured the POF Files in the "Multi Chain JTAG device setup" option . The "detect JTAG chain" option also verifies that three hardware devices are connected in the chain. But upon clicking "OK" the programmer does not get configured in the Multi chain JTAG mode (The options Examine - Program - Verify etc. all are disabled). The POF files also do not show up in the programmer option . I cant get hold of any literature that explains this Multi chain JTAG programming mode in detail . Any help on this process would be greatly be appreciated , as it is a legacy device not many resources are available. Unfortunately, we cannot shift to the latest devices as this is an old setup with no spares and employs around 12 such FPGA's.

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    MAX9000 is still contained in the device info database of recent Quartus versions, thus you should be able to load the pof files in Quartus programmer and configure the devices. I don't have MAXPlus installed presently and can't check what's the problem with multiple devices. In Quartus programmer you simply load all three pof files to setup a JTAG chain.

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