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Thread: Nios II compiler Issue

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    Default Nios II compiler Issue


    I am using NIOS II 12.0 sp2 software build tool for compiling my project on windows-10 64-bit laptop.

    Whenever I compile, it shows the following error message:

    "make: *** [obj/default/hello_world.o] Error 2"

    I have attached an image which this post.

    Can anyone advise on this problem?

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    Default Re: Nios II compiler Issue

    Hi Siva,

    there are two things that pop out straight away. You are using a very old Quartus Version and a very new Operation System at 64bit. I am not sure the 12.0 Nios compiler is able to run under 64 bit Windows. Officially you need at least Quartus Prime 16.0 to be supported under Windows 10.

    The general flow is:
    Create the BSP and Generate it
    then compile either both BSP and User code or first BSP and then User code.

    If you still have the issue I would try running a later release.


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