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Thread: creating Nios program, loading, booting ...

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    Default creating Nios program, loading, booting ...

    I have successfully got Linux up & running with my Atlas(de0-nano-soc) board - application works , yada yada yada ...
    - but would like to offload some processing from the Arm(s) - to a NIOS sub processor

    essentially hold the NIOS in reset - upload code (from linux ) - release NIOS (boot)

    - I have read over an458.pdf (alternate boot methods) & examined the code -
    but am still at a loss of how to produce file with a obvious NIOS entry point ?
    should i be using an .elf ? sof ?

    my code is quite small - is the nios environment really the best way ?
    (test program is only 3 lines, proved ARM code is ~100 lines)
    any ideas ? links ? or code ?

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    Default Re: creating Nios program, loading, booting ...

    back to replying to my own threads ...
    nios2-elf-objcopy is what i needed ...

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