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Thread: CAN bus register DE0-Nano-SoC.

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    Default CAN bus register DE0-Nano-SoC.

    Good afternoon,

    We currently use the DE0-Nano-SoC with the Cyclone V Soc on it. We want to use this board to read/write data on the CAN Bus. Actually, we have configured the FPGA part to allow the CAN bus but we have a problem with the HPS part. We can not write into the register control of the CAN. If anybody have already encounter this problem.

    Sorry for our english we are french.
    King regards

    Yassine B.

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    Default Re: CAN bus register DE0-Nano-SoC.

    Hi Yassine,
    je crois que je vais utiliser la langue de Molière :-) Je cherche à connecter un Canopen à la même carte que que vous ( je commence). Qu'avez vous utilisé pour effectuer l'interface entre le bus Can et la partie programmabe du FPGA ? Une IP ?
    Merci pour la réponse.
    Sorry for my french, i am not english ..;

    I need to connect a Canopen on a DE0-Nano-SOC and I only find IP (not free) to control the the CAN. Is there a simple method ?
    Thanks for all
    Best regards

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    Default Re: CAN bus register DE0-Nano-SoC.

    Unfortunately there is no baremetal example in the Altera website for CAN. Also, for DE0-Nano-SoC, I believe the CAN signals are not routed out to the HPS Pins by default. You can choose to export the CAN interface out to the FPGA and then use the expansion port to connect it to the external world.

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