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Thread: DE1-SoC audio playback from SD card

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    Default DE1-SoC audio playback from SD card


    I am interested in playing audio files (any format) from SD card using HPS on DE1-SoC board. So far, all my work is based on FPGA, where audio codec is configured and audio processing is performed. The audio signal comes from Mic or Line In, and is processed on the FPGA. The hardware part functions properly. However, I cannot find an adequate guide to setup this audio streaming from HPS to FPGA.

    So, what would be the best way to forward the data from SD card to FPGA? Is Avalon FIFO an adequate solution for this problem? Or is there another way to store and play the audio files from the memory?


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    Default Re: DE1-SoC audio playback from SD card

    One possible way is to have the HPS read from the SD card and write to the 1GB memory. Then, using the F2S bridge in the FPGA, have the FPGA logic to retrieve the content from there. The other way is to have HPS continuously write into FPGA on chip location, so that your IP can retrieve the info from there.

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