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Thread: how to use this c file found in altera to use dma controller IP?

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    Default how to use this c file found in altera to use dma controller IP?


    I got stuck with the altera dma controller ?
    how to do burst data transfers from one location to other location using dma controller IP.
    my src address :0x01000000
    my dst address :0x01040000
    i enabled burst transfers : 64
    and fifo depth : 32 while configuring dma controller in platform designer tool.

    I first thought of just configuring dma controller registers directly, but failed. And later found that things are not straight forward as xilinx.
    finally, found some c codes on internet but users are already bogging their heads at the line while(!rx_done); where rx_done not going high and dma block is busy indefinitely.

    today found something called HAL API and got a C file and 2 header files.
    iam attaching here.

    I already mentioned source address and destination address of my SOC and the number of bytes to transfer. please someone provide me the informatin of how to use this file and the functions inside this file to get working.

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