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Thread: FPGA-to-HPS Bridges Design Example

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    Default FPGA-to-HPS Bridges Design Example

    I am looking at the FPGA-to-HPS Bridges Design Example in Altera website, I downloaded the project for Cyclone V SoC, and opened the hps_system.qsys, there is a component, AXI Cache Secruity Bridge, I can not find document for this bridge, anyone know what it is for? Thanks......

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    Default Re: FPGA-to-HPS Bridges Design Example


    It is a custom IP, you can see the Verilog code given in directory "CV_FPGA_to_HPS_Bridge_Design_Example\ip\axi_cache _secruity_bridge".
    For more information read the commented lines in .v file and link below.

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