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Thread: Single Event Upset

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    Default Single Event Upset


    I am calculating Single Event Upset ratio of Cyclone V to check if it is within acceptable range. For this calculation, I need

    -SEE Cross Section(cm2/bit)
    -SEE Cross Section(cm2/device)

    parameters. Does anybody knows how to find them? I have reached some distributors which are of no help.

    Cyclone V part number is 5CGXFC7D6F31I7.


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    Default Re: Single Event Upset

    Hi Alper,
    Refer following links for the Single Event Upset ratio of Cyclone V,
    1. Check chapter "SEU Mitigation for Cyclone V Devices" from Cyclone V Device Handbook,

    Best Regards
    Vikas Jathar
    Intel Customer Support Engineering
    (Under Contract to Intel)

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