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Thread: Pl-usb-blaster-rcn

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    Question Pl-usb-blaster-rcn

    Hi need help regarding this part PL-USB-BLASTER-RCN.
    Our customer bought this part in Decembr2017 and It was working fine until recently

    Now they are getting below error

    ID 209025 Cannot recognize silicon ID for device 1.
    ID 209012 Operation failed

    please help to advice, what does this mean?

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    Default Re: Pl-usb-blaster-rcn

    For which kit you are using this USB-Blaster download cable?
    Try using another USB-Blaster download cable or use the USB-Blaster II download cable

    Best Regards
    Vikas Jathar
    (This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation)

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