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Thread: No Altera Monitor Program for Quartus 17.0?

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    Default No Altera Monitor Program for Quartus 17.0?

    There is the 'Using Triple Speed Ethernet on De2-115 Boards' tutorial for Quartus 17.0, tells us to use the Altera Monitor Program at the end, yet Altera Monitor Program has only up to version 16.1.

    I tried to install the Altera Monitor Program 16.1 on Quartus 17.0 directory and tested, and it kept popping JTAG errors.

    So... Altera Monitor Program does not support Quartus 17.0 at all?
    Has anyone tried to use it with Quartus 17.0?

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    Default Re: No Altera Monitor Program for Quartus 17.0?

    Altera Monitor Program for 17.0 is schedule to be update. Use Altera Monitor Program 16.1 with following tutorial

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    Vikas Jathar
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