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Thread: Is this the function to use for basic read from Max 10 ADC?

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    Default Is this the function to use for basic read from Max 10 ADC?


    I'm putting a Max10 ADC into my NIOS2 based design. I have not been able to find any examples for writing NIOS C code to read Max10 ADC. I'm sure it's simple, but getting the includes, drivers, declarations and pointers right can be tricky. I am piecing it together though, and have found something hopeful in the docs.

    The following is from the NIOS2 user manual-
    Is this the correct function to read from dedicated ANIN channel 0, slot 0, no sequencer?

    " 15.3.12 alt_adc_word_read Prototype

    int alt_adc_word_read (alt_u32 sample_store_base, alt_u32* dest_ptr, alt_u32 len)
    Arguments sample_store_base: Base address of sample store core. *dest_ptr: destination buffer len: number of 32-bit reads
    Description Reads words from the sample store "


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    Default Re: Is this the function to use for basic read from Max 10 ADC?

    The ADC user guide references the header files you need to use to access the ADC:

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