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Thread: VHDL syntax error at <name>_inst.vhd----

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    Default VHDL syntax error at <name>_inst.vhd----

    In QuartusII 7.1 (web) I have created a megawizard component <name>. When I compile the design it gives me a warning that it cannot analyse the file <name>_inst.vhd because it does not exist. After I return to the plug in manager and ask for the file to be created the compiler then gives me this error message:-

    Error (10500): VHDL syntax error at AND3x2_inst.vhd(1) near text "AND3x2_inst"; expecting "entity", or "architecture", or "use", or "library", or "package", or "configuration"

    Should I delete the new file and continue ignoring the warnings?

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    Brad Guest

    Default VHDL syntax error at <name>_inst.vhd----

    Do not list <name>_inst.vhd at "Project --> Add/Remove Files in Project".

    As the last page of the MegaWizard says, this file is an instantiation template file. You can use its contents as a starting point for the instantiation in your own VHDL file.

    The <name>.cmp file is similar. You can copy its contents to your own VHDL file for the component declaration.

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