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Thread: DE0-NANO Board SDC file and PLL

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    Default DE0-NANO Board SDC file and PLL


    I have a DE0-NANO board. There is a on board 50 MHz oscillator on the board which works as the clock to the FPGA. Now suppose i want to run my design at 30 MHz. So i write a SDC file like the following, would this work? I mean would this already create a pll which will run my design at 33 MHz when i download it on the FPGA?

    # Constrain clock port clk with a 30-ns requirement

    create_clock -period 33 [get_ports clk]

    # Automatically apply a generate clock on the output of phase-locked loops (PLLs)
    # This command can be safely left in the SDC even if no PLLs exist in the design



    # Constrain the input I/O path

    set_input_delay -clock clk -max 0.5 [all_inputs]

    set_input_delay -clock clk -min 0.1 [all_inputs]

    # Constrain the output I/O path

    set_output_delay -clock clk -max 0.5 [all_outputs]

    set_output_delay -clock clk -min 0.1 [all_outputs]

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    Default Re: DE0-NANO Board SDC file and PLL

    Changing the SDC file will not change the FPGA design or the board or the behaviour of any of the components on the board. There is a fixed 50MHz oscillator on the Nano.

    If you want to run everything at 30MHz then you either need to de-solder 50MHz oscillator and replace it with a 30MHz part - don't do this - or, far more practically, use one of the PLLs in your FPGA to generate the 30MHz clock from the 50MHz. Use the IP catalogue in Quartus to locate a PLL and configure it to your needs. Then instantiate it in your design.

    The 'derive_pll_clocks' in your SDC file will then deal with everything required to check that the design will run at the revised frequency.


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