we are looking for a developer able to modify an existing AMD/NVIDIA OpenCL software to make it run on a FPGA board instead of a GPU, in order to gain a significant performance boost while performing the same calculations.

The software in question is a cryptocurrency miner, so it basically performs cryptographic hash calculations.

The source code is here: https://github.com/OhGodAPet/wolf-xmr-miner
A docker file is also available here: https://github.com/minecoins/docker-wolf-xmr-miner
This software has many .cl kernels, one for each different cryptocurrency algorythm to be mined.
But the only kernel we ask you to modify to run on an FPGA is cryptonight.cl , which calculates the Cryptonight algorithm ( currencies: Monero, Bytecoin and others ).

We expect that you provide us with source+docker file of your software, which must be able to calculate at least 100 000 Hashes/second on a FPGA.

The FPGA we are considering is the Nallatech 510T , but before confirming that we are asking you to suggest which is the one you think has best performance/costs for this task.

You can suggest also a different mining software you may want to modify instead of the one above, if you think it is easier for you to get higher mining profit with your alternative. Can be even a different algorithm/currency.

Candidates for this project should give me:
- Resume
- Estimate of developing costs and time
Either here or via PM