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Thread: Installation error for NIOS II.

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    Default Installation error for NIOS II.

    I have downloaded "10.1_acds_web_edition.iso" from "" and then I have downloaded "10.1sp1_nios2eds_windows"(service pack 1). After installing the 1st software successfully while I am trying to install the 2nd one, 1st I was asked for the path where I mentioned "C:/altera/10.1" but for the 2nd time when I was asked for the path then if i am providing either "C:/altera/10.1" or "C:/altera" both are showing the error.
    I am attaching the screenshot of the error. Please help me out.
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    Default Re: Installation error for NIOS II.


    We do not know your actual plan to remain in 10.1 version, as this release is old compare to what operating system we have now, and hard to comment much. If time permits, do use latest version that we have.

    (This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation)

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