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Thread: Basic Verilog Codes for DE0 board

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    Default Basic Verilog Codes for DE0 board

    Hello All ,

    My self just started to learn Verilog on Altera DE0 Cyclone FPGA kit. I am getting difficulty to understand the Verilog programming on DE0 board.

    Please provide few basic Example programs.


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    Default Re: Basic Verilog Codes for DE0 board

    Good online trainings to start with:

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    Default Re: Basic Verilog Codes for DE0 board

    Have you downloaded the systemCD image from the Terasic site (the maker of the DEX series of Altera boards)? They usually have a number of example designs they provide, along with all the documentation (user guide, configuration programs, sample designs, schematics, vendor data sheets, etc).

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