On Quartus 16.1, when the "DE1-SoC Board" is chosen during the New Project Wizard, a top-level design file is created. On Quartus 17.1, running on CentOS 7, even though the "create top-level design file" option is ticked, a top-level module is not being created.

Project Type: empty project
Add Files: [none]
Family, Device & Board Settings: Board -> DE1-SoC Board selected with mouse; Create top-level design file is ticked.
EDA Tool Settings: [default]
Summary: [correctly shows DE1-SoC Board has been selected]

When the project is created, there is no top-level design file. The top-level module name is the same as filled in on the first page of the New Project Wizard (e.g., "fred") rather than the "DE1_SOC_golden_top" that I was expecting.

Is this a bug with the Linux version of Quartus 17.1?