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Thread: helloworld issue on arria10Gx development kit

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    Default Re: helloworld issue on arria10Gx development kit

    Quote Originally Posted by HRZ View Post
    Then there must be something wrong with your environmental variables somewhere. If the compiled host code is detecting your CPU, but not your FPGA, it means it is being compiled against some SDK other than Altera's, or that your FPGA is not being detected and hence, the host code is using the CPU. Have you made sure your board is detected correctly? e.g. does your board pass "aocl diagnose"?
    Hello HRZ,

    With multiple trials of reboot and "sudo jtagconfig", able to get on-board JTAG interface. Host commands lsusb, lspci and jtagconfig works and lists Arria10Gx board. But now when I run application its giving different error.

    mobiliya@mobiliya:~/intelFPGA_pro/17.1/quartus/bin$ jtagconfig
    1) USB-BlasterII [3-13]
    02E660DD 10AX115H1(.|E2|ES)/10AX115H2/..
    020A40DD 5M(1270ZF324|2210Z)/EPM2210

    mobiliya@mobiliya:~/opencl_examples/vectoradd/vector_add$ lspci | grep -i altera
    06:00.0 Processing accelerators: Altera Corporation Device 2494 (rev 01)

    mobiliya@mobiliya:~/opencl_examples/helloworld/hello_world$ bin/host
    Querying platform for info:
    CL_PLATFORM_VENDOR = Intel(R) Corporation
    CL_PLATFORM_VERSION = OpenCL 1.0 Intel(R) FPGA SDK for OpenCL(TM), Version 17.1

    Location: ../common/src/AOCLUtils/opencl.cpp:356
    Query for number of devices failed[/QUOTE]
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    Default Re: helloworld issue on arria10Gx development kit

    Does "aocl diagnose" pass? If not, you should repeat the process of initializing the board until aocl diagnose passes.

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