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Thread: MAx 10, External SRAM

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    Default MAx 10, External SRAM

    Hello, I connected an SRAM to MAX10.
    To control I wrote a very simple IP that simply remap internal Avalon-MM signals and do a tristate of data bus lines.
    This doesn't work event at low data rates.Checking with a Logic Analyzer and scope too signals seems to be ok.
    Again I rewrote using a state machine, all signals timing got from state, this slow design added some delay to both control and data sampling, again no way to get it working.
    ON both test Address bus, read write bus control are ok but not data on memory bus.
    Ram part is: AS7C34098A
    Code can be posted or attached here.
    Thank in advance for hint or help

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    Default Re: MAx 10, External SRAM

    You could create a Platform Designer (aka Qsys) system design and use the tri-state components (generic tri-state controller, tri-state conduit bridge) to do this instead of creating your own logic.

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