Hello !
This message appears in debugger DS-5 in progress of stepping through OpenCL function "clCreateProgramWithBinary()" with .aocx-file from Linux-application.
If I press F8 7 times in DS-5, then all these "strange" stop-situations is passed and application runs successful.
Is any method to disable this "signal 20" for getting good working debugger-independent program ?
I use "pthread_sigmask()" with SIG_BLOCK to signal 20 (SIGTSTP, keyboard stop, Ctrl-Z), calls "sigignore(20)" -- test call of "raise(20)" is good, and original call of "clCreateProgramWithBinary()" leaved bad.
Also I try to hold this signal with my callback function through "sigaction()" -- it is not called, only DS-5 see this signal.
Anybody see similar problem ?