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Thread: Fatal error on quartus ||

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    Exclamation Fatal error on quartus ||

    Hello everybody,
    today i was testing my code and when i compile it the program gives me this error:

    *** Fatal Error: Access Violation at 0X00007FFDF4F788BB
    Module: quartus_map.exe
    Stack Trace:
    0xa88ba: VRFX_ELABORATOR::elaborate + 0x4f1aa
    0xab0e5: VRFX_ELABORATOR::elaborate + 0x519d5
    0x190222: VRFX_ELABORATOR:perator= + 0x80932
    0x1908bc: VRFX_ELABORATOR:perator= + 0x80fcc
    0x60316: VRFX_ELABORATOR::elaborate + 0x6c06
    0x598fc: VRFX_ELABORATOR::elaborate + 0x1ec
    0xd6f93: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x3a323
    0xdac3f: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x3dfcf
    0xdc525: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x3f8b5
    0xa57d4: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x8b64
    0xb5efc: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x1928c
    0xb286a: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x15bfa
    0xb5f4c: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x192dc
    0xba0dd: sgn_clear_check_ip_functor + 0x1d46d
    0x10de2: sgn_qic_full + 0x152

    0x128ed: qexe_get_command_line + 0x206d
    0x1573e: qexe_process_cmdline_arguments + 0x59e
    0x15851: qexe_standard_main + 0xa1

    0xa7f8: msg_exe_fini + 0x58
    0xaf3c: msg_exe_fini + 0x79c
    0xb8bf: msg_exe_main + 0x8f

    0x13033: BaseThreadInitThunk + 0x13
    0x71550: RtlUserThreadStart + 0x20


    Quartus II 64-Bit Version 13.1.0 Build 162 10/23/2013 SJ Web Edition

    can someone help me understand what this is? and also how to solve this problem? thank you for your answer.

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    Default Re: Fatal error on quartus ||

    Try by deleting the "db" and "incremental_db" folders from created project stored directory & If that doesn`t work then you'll have to file a service request at,

    Best Regards
    Vikas Jathar
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